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I am a whale

The other day, I was talking to a good friend about the most recent post I wrote. The post about playing a role in a play and not fitting in. I told him that in my original draft for this piece I had originally written that I didn’t feel human at all. My point was going to be that I must be some sort of underclass creature, formed to look human but completely different on the inside. However my friend asked me, if I didn’t feel human, what animal did I feel like? I said I felt like a whale to me it was a joke at first but then I remembered the lonely whale. There is a whale out there that has never been answered, no one knows if it is male or female, no one knows what breed of whale it is. The only thing they know about the lonely whale is that it is lonely. This whale’s song is at a frequency that is unable to be picked up by every other whale in the ocean. Leaving it swimming around it’s entire life, crying out for company and not understanding why no one else will ever answer. It strikes me that me and this whale have a lot in common, although my peers may be able to hear my words they will never understand. I believe I too will wander the earth my entire life trying to explain, crying for understanding only to go unheard, unanswered and left lonely. Forever.

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