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The worst part

The worst thing about losing someone who meant the world to you is not the huge gaping hole they leave in your life which you hear so often about. Not the heart wrenching pain of seeing them walk out of your life. The worst thing isn’t even that feeling you get like you’re being punched in the stomach and all the air is leaving your lungs; every time you hear their name, your song or think about the times with them.
The worst thing is in a blink of an eye, with a single word, the smallest action they have wiped away your entire future. The sort of house you two would live in, the children you have named in your head over and over again. Lazy sunday mornings in bed and arguing over who needs to do the washing up on a cold and rainy wednesday afternoon. Christmases at the inlaws and becoming inlaws yourself, watching grandchildren run around your ankles at family gatherings and at the end of a long loving life sitting on a porch in the sun looking into your loves eyes.
This future is a fragile house of cards built upon the present and the weight of that as it comes tumbling down on you. That is the worst part of losing someone

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