Mental health feelings


My head is a mess today, my thoughts are a ball of wool that’s been ripped apart and tied back together in the craziest of patterns, tangled and twisted. I try to think one thing through and hit a knot of something else, I follow the road of that thought and get tangled in a web of 5 other thoughts, which way do I think now? I don’t know how to untangle this mess, I can’t concentrate, I don’t know the answer to anything. Do I wear shorts or trousers today? Such a simple question but the answer is locked up in pandemonium of completely different thoughts.

I don’t know how I am supposed to feel, one path of thoughts leads to me being a sobbing mess, one twist later and my blood is boiling with anger. How do I think? How do I act? I don’t know if something outside of my head is influencing my moods or if it really is all inside. I sit alone curled in a ball, a broody looking sad figure, chewing on her lip and scratching at her arms. What am I doing? Who am I today?

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