Mental health feelings


He doesn’t know what he does to me, sitting next to me, an accidental brush of hands sending shivers up my spine. He looks into my eyes and smiles and I can tell, I can read how much he wants me in the swirling pool of his blue grey eyes. It stirs something within me, a warm glow that I haven’t felt in a long time. He leans in close, rubbing his hand up my back, burning a line across my skin through the thin layer of cotton, igniting the warmth within. He kisses me a soft pressing of his lips against mine, a small chaste token of his feelings and the warm glow transforms into a searing heat. It’s burning away all the demons that lurk within me and just for a moment sitting within the protective circle of his arms, stealing his warmth I think, just for a moment. Maybe one day I can be okay, maybe he is the one to fix me.
So I absorb his glow and take a tiny part with me, a small spark of life, not enough to chase away all the darkness within me but enough to hold onto, enough to chase away the chill that has settled in my bones, enough to give me hope.

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