Mental health feelings

Going up.

There is something inside my head, clawing at my skull, desperately trying to get out, it’s telling me to get up, move, do something, anything. I want to scratch my skin off the bone, pull my hair out, run a marathon. I’m agitated, close to edge. Irritable, one wrong word and I will bite your head off. Why? I don’t know, don’t ask me. Gritting my teeth, crushing them together, jaw aching. Fists clenched, nails digging into my palm, knuckles turning white with the pressure, I’m just trying to hold on, ride this roller coaster and wait for the drop. I can see it coming, as I slowly climb higher and higher, the animals inside my head going crazier, it’s going faster and faster, I have to hold on tighter and tighter. I don’t want to go up anymore, I know the higher I go the harder the fall will be, how do I get off this ride? Where is the exit? Pointless to ask, I am, as always powerless to do anything.


So up, up, up I go, watch out below..

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